Frequently Asked Questions

Questions to ask your DJ before booking entertainment services

Disco/ DJ Questions

Do you cater for all ages?

Definitely! Our functions often have audiences with a wide range of ages in them and we have a wealth of experience in keeping them all entertained (check out our reviews). We're as happy doing a 4th Birthday Party as we are doing a Retirement Celebration or 100th Birthday! We're also happy to include a range of party games at your function to keep the kids (and often the adults!) entertained!

Is your equipment safe?

Yes, our North East DJ and Cumbria DJ Packages are perfectly safe. All of our equipment is PAT tested, staff are fully trained and experienced in its use, and we have 10 million pounds of Public Liability Insurance. You're in safe hands when you book with us!

How loud will the music be?

This is a major concern for many of our prospective clients but you don't need to worry! Our DJs will keep the volume at a level appropriate to your guest' needs, and you're welcome to ask if you'd like it turned up or down. We're at your function to entertain you and your guests, not to deafen and annoy everyone!

Can we give you a list of songs that we'd like you to play?

Absolutely! Playlists are a fantastic way of giving us an indication of your favourite genres and artists. We'd recommend around 30 tracks for a typical event as this gives us the flexibility to incorporate guests' requests and keep the function balanced.

Basics Questions

Can we meet for a consultation?

Absolutely, we'd be happy to meet you and discuss your function. As well as event timings and other arrangements, we'd be delighted to help you choose a perfect playlist.

What areas of the UK do you cover?

Our disco and Karaoke packages generally service the North East and Cumbria but we're more than happy to travel further afield and we regular cover areas such as York, Leeds, Chester, Scotland and Barnsley so distance is no object! Installation/Hire Services are available throughout the UK.

How long in advance can we book?

We're happy to take bookings for anytime in the future and it's not uncommon for our clients to book 2+ years in the future. All we ask to secure the date is a %20 booking fee which is included in the price of your quote.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

‚ÄčOfficial Terms and Conditions protect both the client and company and you'll find a full copy of them HERE. Booking one of our packages is subject to the client agreeing fully with these T&Cs.

How Can We Pay?

You can pay for your North East Disco and Cumbria Disco package via online payment (bank transfer or PayPal Friends and Family), or you can pay cash on the day of your function (just before the start) function. All we ask is that you pay a small 20% booking fee in advance to secure your date and demonstrate good faith. This fee is included in your quot; there's nothing extra to add. We'll always supply you with a full receipt.

Will we get a written contract?

Absolutely, and you'll also receive a copy of our Terms & Conditions before you book. We feel that it's essential that you know exactly what you're booking so that you're delighted with the package you receive.

Privacy Questions

What data do you hold?

We keep a record of you name, address, phone number, email address and event details in accordance with GDPR Policy . We don't pass it on to any 3rd party and it's all securely stored on our servers and business email.

What is this data used for?

We use this data to confirm and handle your booking.

We can use your data to send you special offers and to get post-event feedback. If you'd prefer we remove all data after the completion of a booking, just ask.

What happens to our photos and videos?

From time-to-time we may use your photos and video on our website or for other promotional use. If you'd prefer that we didn't do this, then feel free to let us know.

We also try to keep a copy of photos/videos taken as a backup. If you'd prefer we didn't do this then you only have to ask.

We'll also upload booth and other images to our Facebook page to enable your friends and family to be tagged in them. This is incredibly popular but you're welcome to ask that we don't do this, and we never do this for kids parties.

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