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Who doesn't like a good Karaoke? Even if you're thinking "Me, I hate it!", there's probably part of you that would love to give it a go!  Whether you want a Karaoke Night, or a disco with Karaoke added, we're here to help. We love Karaoke and in recent years we've included it at many of our events.


Beginning in Japan during the 1970s, Karaoke initially entertained bored customers in bars before people realised how much fun it really was! As well as being fun, it revived many songs that had been forgotten and it spread to our shores during the 1980s. It's been all the rage ever since.


We've got a massive collection of tracks for guests to pick from, and we're happy to help with song selection for those who can't decide what to try! We'll set your package up in advance, and our DJs can sing a range of classics to warm your guests up. Some favourite requests include:


One Way or Another

Artist: Blondie

Year of release: 1979

Album: Parallel Lines

"One Way or Another" by the American band Blondie was their fourth single in the UK and the follow up to their number 1 hit "Heart Of Glass".  Although it didn't reach the number one spot, it became an all-time classic and a Karaoke favourite.

Billie Jean

Artist: Michael Jackson

Year of release: 1983

Album: Thriller

The second single from Michael Jackson's sixth album "Thriller", "Billie Jean" was a song about some of the groupies that Jackson had met! Mixed 91 times before release, it and became one of the most famous singles of all time.

Don't Stop Believin'

Artist: Journey

Year of Release: 1981

Album: Escape

This single from their seventh album "Escape", didn't hit the top 40 on release; finally reaching number 9 in 2009 after coverage on "The X-Factor" . It remains one of the most iconic songs ever written and a favourite of Karaoke performers throughout the world.

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Professional Packages


Top quality radio microphone systems let your guests be heard with crystal clear clarity, and a range of effects including EQ, delay, compression and reverb deliver a professionally produced sound.

Superb stage lighting ensures singers are seen, and we can also record the show (and take pictures) to give you a lasting memory of your special day!


Karaoke can be added to any of our packages, usually at no extra cost. For a fantastic North East Karaoke or Cumbria Karaoke service just give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements!

Go On, Everyone Can Have a Go!