June 26, 2020

The Top Ten Questions to ask YOUR Wedding DJ!

Rather than simply booking the first supplier/offer they find, most couples sensibly shop around the Wedding DJ Market looking for the best value for their big day. While price is certainly important when choosing a service (we all want a great deal don't we?), there are other areas to consider.

1) Will you definitely turn up at my big day?

The most important thing to consider when booking a DJ! We sadly see posts (many on Facebook) almost every week from couples let down on their big day, usually from cheap suppliers who offered a service that was too good to be true which, unfortunately, WAS too good to be true. As with most things, you're far less likely to have issues like these if you book with an established business rather than simply the cheapest. Established businesses will also have industry contacts they can call upon in the case of genuine emergencies.

2) Who will turn up at my party?

A great question and to most the obvious answer is the person they spoke with on the phone. With hundreds of entertainment providers however, this isn't always the case. Many companies have different operating practises; some are multi-ops with a range of different staff on their books while others might subcontract the work they receive to other companies (taking a cut in the process). You might not even get a DJ from the same company that you booked let alone the one you spoke with!

3) Will everything work at my party?

The nightmare scenario for any couple! All equipment can fail so good suppliers should arrive at your party with some redundancy available. At a minimum they should have a backup controller/laptop available for playing back music. We know it sounds obvious and should be a given, but again we see regular posts from DJs such as "Help can someone bring a laptop to venue xxxxxx" or "Urgent, has anyone got a spare charger I can borrow tonight?"!!

4) Are you safe and fully legal?

An area often overlooked; a properly run business should be HMRC registered and have PAT tested equipment and PLI insurance in the event of an accident (no matter how unlikely). Many venues now ask DJs to provide proof of these before they're even allowed to setup and we know of instances where couple's big days have been ruined by a DJ turning up and not being able to perform as they couldn't supply required documentation because they didn't actually have it!

5) Do you have any knowledge of my venue

It sounds a minor matter this one but it can make a difference. A DJ who has performed at your venue before will a better idea of the best areas to place their setup, the best positioning of uplighting, how sound behaves in the room (and how to correct any problems) etc.. Of course it's not essential (we regularly perform at new venues), but it's something to bear in mind and a good provider will ring a venue in advance to discuss these details with the entertainment manager/staff rather just turn up cold on the day.

6) Can we make changes to our package?

Almost every couple we've had the pleasure of providing entertainment for has requested changes throughout the booking process. Sometime these have been basic changes to a playlist (maybe adding a few songs), while other changes have been more dramatic such as: changes to the timing of a function, a change of venue or adding on additional services. Ensure that your provider is happy to modify your package to suit your exact needs.

7) Do you have reviews and feedback from Past Clients

Whilst it's understandable that new businesses will struggle to provide this, established businesses should be able to show some feedback from past clients, perhaps on Facebook, Google Business, a website or other pages. Similarly, a good company should have some identifiable presence on Social Media. We don't all use the same ones (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Business, YouTube etc. etc.) but you'd expect at least SOME activity on some of these.

8) Do you provide full terms and conditions?

Not only should your supplier offer these, but you should read them too. What happens if you're disappointed with the service you receive on the night? What happens to your deposit if you have to change dates? What happens if your DJ arrives late? What about if the setup/package you're quoted doesn't match the one you booked?

As I'm writing this we're still in the middle of the CV19 Pandemic and many couples have unfortunately had their functions cancelled or moved to a different date. We've been happy to accommodate our clients change in circumstances but we have seen suppliers unwilling to do this.

9) Would you be able to provide background music during the day and music for our ceremony?

While many venues own audio equipment, many don't and it's something you may need your DJ to provide. Similarly, you may need a CD preparing for your walk down the aisle or entrance/exit from your marriage suite/church. We're happy to provide this (provided copyright rules are met) and we're also happy to create custom mash-ups/mixes for your first (or other special) dance.

10) Do you offer any extras we might be looking for?

As well as booking a DJ service, you may be looking for additional services such as an LED Dancefloor, Photo Booth, Magic Mirror, Uplighting or Giant LOVE Letters. Some suppliers only provide DJ services while other can offer the extra you may be looking for. Of course you could order these other services from different providers but there are advantages in sticking to one supplier. For one you'll normally get a better deal, often saving hundreds of pounds. Secondly, a single supplier has a greater chance of having matched services. As an example, our Elite White DJ Package perfectly matches our giant LOVE letters, LED Dancefloor, Pipe and Drape Photobooth and LED Uplighting. Everything will look the part at your event.

It won't just improve your function and give that WOW factor, but it will also greatly improve the quality of photographs you receive from your night. So much better than a tatty DJ setup with flashing dotty lights, red photobooth, silver uplights, flashing plastic LOVE letters and scruffy dancefloor!! That is of course unless that's what you're looking for in which case we're probably not the company for you!

We also now offer photography/videography with a deal on our larger packages where we're including some free videography!

11) Will you play the music we want?

Yes we know this is number 11 but it's worth squeezing in! The right DJ really can make or break your night and it's important you get the right kind of music (in the right places) to suit your party. We perform at hundreds of different functions a year and we're asked for a huge range of music including 70s, 80s, 90s, Dance, Chart, Motown, Reggae, Cheese (check out our other blog article about this!!), Rock and many, many more. We feel it's important to get an understanding of what our clients want and we encourage face-to-face meetings to get a better idea of this. We also always sent out function planners that clients can fill in with their tastes. We'll build a great playlist around these choices to keep everyone in the room happy and up dancing. Again, we know it sounds obvious but we often hear stories of couples unhappy because their DJ just wouldn't play the songs they wanted. It's YOUR party and you should get the music YOU want!

Give us a call, we're really looking forward to working with you!

Kris - The Boogie Knight

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